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Monday, 5 August 2013

Those words

Peace be upon my life.The Hari Raya is just around the corner.Two days more.Freaking excited for the feast.And I'm a lil bit worried for the "duit raya" collection for this year.Frankly speaking,I'm leaving the teenagers world just next year.How fast would it be.So I just can prentend that I'm not that old since I'm not to tall.LOL.Preparation?Nothing much to do.My mom bought all the kuih and food.We just need to clean up the house.And I'm still not getting my shoes.Probably this evening.
Last night I found a box that contained all the gift and stuff from my high school time.I just can't stop smiling looking back at all those memories.I picked up a birthday card that my bestfriend gave to me.And a bitter smile came up.Normally people would give a "birthday card" but she gave me a card that should be given to a lover.I appreciate that she loves me that much.She left some words for me.But on that time I'm not really look at those words.I just read it and say thanks.I didn't gave a time to understand those words.Now only I got what she wanna tell me when I reread it last night.

Dance like nobody's watching,
Love like you've never been hurt,
Sing likes nobody listening,
Live like it's heaven on earth,
Know that you are born with an
Abundance of unique inner talents,
When challenges come your way,
Have faith that you are able to
See them through abundance as
your state of mind
Instead of lack.

She said that I always understand her.But I think I did not.The fact is she understood me more.Others might see us as the happiest bestfriend on earth.Yes we are.But sometimes there's a big fight that made us look like we never know each other.I did so much terrible things that hurt her.However the power of friendship never let the bitterness last forever.Because deep inside me I love her so much.She was the one who appears by my side when I really need a hand.She knows good enough about my complexity and my probs.I really miss you that I can hug you till you faint.Thanks for all those words.They help me a lot.May Allah bless you always and forever. :D


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