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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dear my future room mate :)

Peace be upon my life.The USM administration was so efficient.We already get to know our rooms numbers.Even our lecture's timetables are already available.Because of that lots of us are making "Jejak Kasih" to find our future room mate.My room number still did not appear yet.Maybe the system was quite busy.But sooner or later I'll know it.Some of us had make a little "ta'aruf" so that we can know each other better.Dear my future room mate whoever you are I would like you to know something.You really need to know.

First of all I'm a weirdo.It's normal if you found me such an ignorance at your first glance.That's because I'm still shy to show out my true colours.Hahaha. Feel free to throw me a joke even a "bad" one.I can easily adapt all those jokes because I'm the kind who tends to LOL (laugh out loud) or even LMAO (laughing my ass off).I also don't know that we can laugh until our ass come out.Okay bad joke.And if we really get to know each other closer I can be a talking machine that can't stop.If you think that I'm too noisy just ask me to shut my mouth okay.The first annoying fact of me is I usually studded my ears with earphone at high volume(I love to sing along out loud too :p).If you found that you are talking alone I'm so sorry about that.Just pat me on a proper place.I'll remove the earphone and readily listen to you.

Dear my future room mate.Too bad that I have a mood swing.There's a day that I can hardly speak.The probability of the causes might be I'm loaded with problems or I'm suffering for PMS.Don't worry I'll not bothering you when I'm in trouble because I'll find my way to overcome it.And sometimes I don't really like an obvious concern because I felt like I'm to weak.Just ignore me and let me drown in my own world.But if you really want to give a hand.I'm glad for that.Whenever you have problems and you really need to throw it all, I'm ready to listen. To tell you the truth last time I'm not a good room mate. And I still feel guilty about that. I can't get along with her very well.So I hope that I can pay back for all my mistakes by become a good room mate.I will work hard for that jyeahhh.

Dear my future room mate I hope both of us can help each other to be a better person.If I'm drowning too far please pull me back.When I get too lazy please annoyed me with your hard work so that I'll feel challenged.Please remind me if I'm late for my prays or I just left the Quran on the shelf.I'll do the same for you too.I have a fragile heart locked in my chest.I also hope that we can maintain the cleanliness of our room.Lets spread the duties to clean up the room.I don't really mind if I have to sweep the room everyday.If we are in a same course lets burn the midnight oil together.If we are from a different courses lets exchange our knowledge and thoughts.Hey I like to watch the starry skies.Lets sneak out in the middle of the night to enjoy the views.I'm an avid fan of music and arts too.

Dear my future room mate there's more that I want to tell you.But I think let it be a surprise for us and learn how to know each other.I really can't wait to see you.May Allah ease our path.See you :)

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