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Friday, 26 July 2013

Miss you badly :(

It's a lame tears.My eyes keep crying for everything.Would that be fine?Such I'm keeping too much.All those things will just make me a bad person wannabe.How long will it last.I'm holding my breath in a silent air.A silent that will kill me for nothing.They said I'm sucked with too much ignorance.The one they just talked about.Is it cares?I don't wanna give a damn.I just pretend not to be real me.History that you guys created obviously made me fake it all.And for sure I just take my path alone.Alone in my world that non of you could barely enter.The lonely world that most of you think was a blankly faded place.But there's million treasures that I will never regret.

World'd ethic.Never assume.ASK.But no one play their parts well.Me myself.Hello there.I just need you for a while.A hug.And I'm gonna let the bad tears run down on your shoulder.I miss you.Never ask why.Only when you around, I really know how to be me.Lets just meet.Even its just one day.Even its just an hour.Don't make me say even its just a second.I really miss you damn much.Please...

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