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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sahabat Kapal

Peace be upon my life.Yeahh I know the title is kinda weird.But if you translate it to English.You'll find it normal.Hahaha yeaah friendship.I believe that all of us had been in this voyage of friendship.And for those who don't believe in it maybe you had been betrayed by someone.Beleive me,you'll find someone right for you if you also try to mend yourself.Cause being a lonely soul is no good at all.Our heart need a warm joke and  soothing souls.Actually friends is just like your siblings but being separated for long long time ago.And maybe they are the closest person that you ever had :D
For today I would like to talk about one of my bestfriends.All my bestfriends are special with their own qualities.Non of them could be compared cuz they are truly different with their own characters.The one that I wanna talked about is someone who I just say for farewell.The short moment of the foundation make us have to say goodbye so soon.Hearing her name might be so common.But aborting her name,she is the one who you can rarely find.FARAH AMIRA BINTI ABDUL RAHIM.Okay what can I describe about her is she is pretty,smart and decent.You can see her in person below haha :D
Honestly for the first time I saw her was in the orientation week.I kept watching her cuz she remind me so much about my bestfriend when I was in high school.PUTRI NURUL ASHIKIN.I'm not talking about their personalities but their looks.Both of them are so lean and pretty.And the most obvious is the spectacles.Hahaha since that I always notice her eventhough I don't know her at all.We only knew each others when I had to sit beside her on a program.I asked for her name and assumed her as a science student but I was wrong.She was in the same boat as me.ENGINEERING.We even held hands together and sang a nasheed about friendship.Unfortunately she did not even remember that was me when I asked her back.LOL.
The story became more interesting when we were in the same class.I never expect that.Since we were in the same block and her house is just above my house,we often be together.We went to class every morning together with other classmates.At the beginning I'm not really close to her,thats because I'm not really know her.I thought she was so girly and decent and serious.How can someone like me who extremely crazy,weirdo and kinda boyish become her friend.Haha how prejudice I am on that time.SORRY.But as time pass by,I get to know her better.She was actually as crazy as me.(maybe more??)And also can be a laugh machine.Since I knew her true colours everything became more colourful.
I could say that she understand me well.I never meet someone who know me very well.Yeahh she is actually so universal.I thanked God for that.I love technology so much.And she was an expert in it.I felt so glad when I talk about all those stuff cuz she understood well about it.So we shared a lot about the technologies and gadjets.She loves K-POP and so me.She likes musics just like me.She so in arts.Thats perfect.We love to talk about art and try to be artistic by opening art class while getting bored in lecture.But we are not similar in everything.Of course it will never happend.haha.I never feel uncomfortable when I talked with her.I felt easy whenever we remained in silence for whiles.Sometimes we always do an endless chatting that we talked about everything.I just love to hear her stories and  never get bored even she told me the same stories(she never notice that haha).
She loves to watch PORORO and I started calling her with that name.(sometimes kikiaq)She loves to watch KOREAN dramas(almost all).Besides,she was a brilliant student eventhough she did not exert so much effort.And all she did is stay focus in class.I envied her for that cuz I never really focus in the class.She help me a lot in my studies.Eventhough sometimes she's getting explode when trying to teach me.She try to be patient.I can see her face became all red(almost boiled).Hahaha not everyone can stand with me while trying to teach me.Thanks a lot bucuk.We usually studied together and helped each other.How I miss that moment.When I can't focus in the lecture hall,she always make me focus by asking me questions.And she never let me sleep.She'll find ways to disturb me and keep me awake.But when se was deadly sleepy she will lay her head on my shoulder and take a nap.Actually I am a pillow to my friends in the lecture hall(girls only haha)due to my well developed figure..oppsss...haha.And I don't mind.
What amazed me more about her is,she is the one who can see my sadness when everyone else clearly blinded about it.I don't really like to cry in front of my friends,so I often cried inside.And some time my sob could be heared.I never expect she will pat on my back.And called my name"CHEEE NAAAAB".And that simple action sooth me so much.Maybe she understand that I don't like to be pitied.So she just pat on my back and make sure no one else realised(but after that I'll cry out loud).Thanks for that.When she know I'm so gloomy,she let me to have my space.And when she know that I'm already well she just be neutral with me.And that things really cherish me back.Her practical jokes always make me give out a sincere laugh.I still remebered the night that she saying 'bad word' so much and we laugh like a whore.She seldomly speak all those words without purpose.But on that cheeky night everythings revealed.HAHA.And whenever I asked her something she always have something to give(the answers).Thats amazing.Do you have psychics??
I have a lil problem with my room mate,so I sleep at her room so often.What a generous friend,a single bed divided by two and both of us sleep on it.She did not mind at all(I'm not sure bout this cuz I extremely consume space).And we shared lots of stories before we really sleep.The funny things was that she always talk in her sleep.Hahaha it happened all the times while I'm not really sleeping yet.And now I really miss all those nonsense things she spoke(sometimes make sense).The warm and tenderness she gave could never be replaced.And the most precious thing she left me is FAFA.A fat yellow chick.FAFA is taken from her name cuz FAFA look just like her.hahahahaha.To be true,FAFA is F******** damn cute that I can squeeze and hug it.(The gender of FAFA is undefined)That fat chick can reduce my 'rindu'. XD
Before I forget,our most favourite activity is to hang out in front of our block.There were a table and benches that officially ours.ehhhh.Hahaha we will definitely mad if someone else sit there.We used to spend our evening eating,chatting and resting.She and I will lay ourselves on the bench and watched the clear sky.Letting our mind to be free and watch the birds flying so high.Such a splendid moment.haaaaa.The main things to be talked is about life.I love to talk about future with her.She was a person that full with wisdom.I think she was a good observer and grow up based on what she see.And surely she was more matured than me eventhough I am older for a few days.And with her thoughts and opinions made me opened my eyes cuz my mentality is just better than a kid due to my circumstance.Discussing about future and sometimes about marriage.krikk krikk krikk.A part of that,when we got nothing to do at night we will go down to our port and watched the stars.What a great view.The starry sky made me so calm and drifted in my dream.And we even layed for hours.But sometimes the "Pak Guard" always spoil the mood.So many times we get kantoi.haha but then I just love to watch the stars.And I'm not sure if I will do this thing again.hurmmmm...

Now all of that will remain as memories.I hope that I will meet her again.I have to admit that the first night I'm at home after the foundation,I can't sleep well.What a hard night.Without my conscious my tears ran down so much.And when I woke up in the morning my pillow was wet with my tears.I really not ready for the farewell.But to be real,I need to overcome it cuz people come and people go.I just can pray for the best for both of us.To FARAH BUCUK if you read this,forgive me for all my wrong.Thanks for everything.Lets chase our dream and never give up.Lets meet again someday.If you marry with 'someone' from KEDAH surely we can always meet.HAAHAHAHA joking.For those who read this,please appreciate your friends,cuz we never know what will happen.Love them as much as you love yourself(I love you ).We can never live alone in this world.Don't walk behind or in front of your friends.But walk beside them.The journey would be more meaningful and full of bless.May ALLAH bless us and together we seek the key to JANNAH.InsyaALLAH.
Another great friends..Bakal ditulis tentang mereka...weeeee
Stay healthy pls

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