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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Grow up?

I had to learn what I've got,
and what I'm not,
and who I am.
Peace be upon my life.The lyrics above really floating me up.Thanks for a brilliant composing.Jason Mraz.Songs speak a thousand emotions.I always think that I'm not grown up as much as my age did.But I believe that it's a sign from the Almighty for me to work harder.To find what I'm missing.
Grow up.I'm telling myself again and again.Instead of being protected,I want to protect others.From a needy guy to a giving one.The only solution is to learn.The accelarator for the learning journey is to believe.Believe that I can make it.I can endure it.Stop complaining and start building.Just like a song.To make it beauty, I need soothing melodies and  warm lyrics.The melody and the lyrics is just like faith and effort.A perfect combination for the both things will compose a beautiful song.
My first baby step is to learn what I've got.Being thankful and proud.Push it to the limit.For what I'm not.I don't have to make it harder.Because the most important thing is to be happy for who I am.I am who I am.The track might be rough.Luckily I have lots of pit stop to mend me back.They are the backbone of mine.Helping me without doubts.The double F that make me soar like an eagle.Family and friends.I'm too happy that I can smile with heartful tears.
Now or never.It's the time to chase all those dreams.To give all my best.May God bless me and you.I'm praying for all goods.Success is a journey not a destination.Same goes to the life.Lets begin. ^_^

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