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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Good confession "I'm flying without wing"

Thanks Ya ALLAH
For giving me everything
All the gift is too good to be mine
Thank for letting my dad met my mom
Because of them I'm here
Thanks for giving me a pink of health
I can strongly walk
I can eat happily
I can talk to everyone around
I can hear a beautiful song

I wondered how if you take them away
How suffered I will be
But You never let me down
Always available for me
Anywhere anytime anyplace
I don't have any right to sigh on everything
Or feel unlucky to be who I am
Because you give me everything
Fresh air for me
So I can live on

I'm sorry if sometimes I plead too much
Sometimes I'm asking too much
And I don't really grateful with everything
Now I realize that You means everything to me
So please guide me to the right way
You let me flying without wings

So that I need to obey You
Thanks for giving me a good friends
They always be with me
Up or down
They will whisper a courage to my ears
Let me walk beside them
And also wipe away my tears

Oh ALLAH how kind You are
I got intelligence that make me alive
I got talent that can danced my life
I have enough senses to sense Your creature
I still can leave in a peaceful country
Can still walk and run freely
I know You are very fair
For those who You give a big test on them
That's mean you love them so much
And I envy for it
You give them a beautiful heart and soul
To barely stand and fight

And You give everyone their rights and happiness
To realize that so much things I don't know
I can't stop and satisfied
Your knowledge never end
And I will seek for it till my last breath
For that I wish
You give me courage
To go through this beautiful life
You give everything
But we always forget and blame for everything
Now I realize you had ready us with your destinies
Good destiny bad destiny
We are the one to choose it
That's what Qada' and Qadar
The one who misunderstand it
Will never try to change
Thanks you make me know the truth

Once again guide me to the straight path
And give me chance to make the people I love happy
And that will be enough
I want to sweep away their pain
And replace it with bless
And You the one who can do it
I'm nothing without You
I will seek the key to JANNAH
Cause that is the place where I really want to go
My life is a journey
Not a destination
So it will be no end
May You bless me and all the creatures
Make us strong
to coupe with everything
Thanks again ya ALLAH
For letting me flying without wings